RUFI the FOX ( 620 euros + shipping ( 50 euros)


                                                             This gorgeous soft boy is called RUFI and  was made in october 2021 and has only been worn

                                                 twice for photoshootand size testing. I hesitated a long time as to whether i would keep him

                                                 as the mascottbut as i will be making myown fursona i think he deserves a real home as the one

                                                 and only cutie thathe is! Rufi is a small partial, You willreceive Head, handpaws and tail

                                                 + BONUS, see below!!!                                            ( NO glasses)


                                                            With deep soulful eyes Rufi has personality and is extremely

                                                soft due to his high quality faux fur rabbit imitation. The fur has

                                                a bicolour look to it , the tip being a rich rusty colour and

                                                underneath a very dark blue to add depth to the look (see

                                                photo later, i have brushed fur apart to show underneath)


  Originally i made him to fit me ( i am a girl ,head, 55cm,    height 165 cm  though not applicable in this case;  and not the most muscular .

Made with the bucket head system , he is foam based.

Static jaw with plush tongue.
Paws are 4 fingered
arms fit 31 cm bicep
head fits 54 to 56 cm My husband tried head on and thought it was maybe slightly tight ( he is 57 cm)
Tail has belt incuded.
BONUS  included : As Rufi was made in october , he also has his halloween skull mask, which he likes to keep with him in case he can get up to mischief pranking others. Removeable, this mask simply has an elastic to pull around muzzle. Black flaps can be tucked under or let down to make the teeth outline more visible against Rufi's white muzzle.
















PRICE : 620 euros + shipping ( 50 euros)    Please contact me if you wish to buy him or have any questions :


Prices are reduced specially as he is the first premade to go on sale as an official FUR YOUR SPIRIT baby. The first few premades and comissions will have reduced prices like this as a beginner sale. Also, normal wear and tear repair guarantee will be extended to 2 years for RUFI.

I will be so sad to see him go but Rufi is now, all grown up, ready to leave the nest and he is so keen to meet his new best friend, and excited to have his forever home!!!

( He will always be RUFI to me, but of course, you can change his name if you wish,even turn him into a girl^^ but  obviously please do include original name Rufi when referring to him in any message or post or tag for me and tag me as creator!)